My Days without Wine

brokenIt has been almost 2 month since the last time I wrote here. In fact, that last article (can I call blog post an article?!) was another text that I had started writing more long ago. Additionally, I haven’t been checking the site either for long. The posts before that goes way back.

I don’t remember the last time I tasted wine. Thank God we have got instagram that tells me when: 23th of June. ‘Not that long’ I say first but then I realised that it has been 25 days! 25 days without a sip!!! This gap of time is probably the biggest since my days without wine and that is my life before 22.08.2011; the day I started blogging on wine. The part that is really bothering and hurting me though is that I do not even want to serve myself a glass of wine and enjoy it. Normally, what I would yearn for is the thing I do not want!!!

Now that I think about the days I started posting, I remember my excitement and how I fell right now saddens me. After the times of reading all the book I could buy, reaching all the blogs in the world I could find; now I do not even read an article, browse magazines or grab my keyboard and write. This is the reason I’m writing this, hoping that some of you can cure this. Because I am sad!  During the last 2~3 months; most turbulent times of my career; I frantically started dreaming about finding a “wine business” program and now I am totally blown away from what I enjoy doing most completely. I could not find out why!”


Two paragraphs above in quotation marks (in fact, including the first) were written 2 weeks ago. Fortunately, that dark times have finally ended somehow and I have met again to my beloved “wine”; I have drunk, I have read and in a couple weeks my plan is to have a journey to one of the best terroirs of Turkey, Thrace like my wine journey last summer to Bozcaada (Tenedos Island) and Gallipoli Peninsula. Of course, the pessimism has not gone away completely because of the new laws (or better to say prohibitions) on alcohol in Turkey. I am still mad, I am still sad but I have not given up on struggle yet!

As you may have understood, sun has risen up on my vineyard again and I am on the field baby!


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